Consolidate and automate your daily administrative activities like billing,
payments, grading etc with few clicks

We provide schools with a real-time online portal that saves time, maximizing profits and reduce paperwork. Our package is an all-in-one school management system that provides a safe and secure platform for admins to enter, store and access school database.

Academic Overview

View student current and past academic information for general decision making and to spot trend in student overall performance.

Grading & Promotion

We have removed the stress in grading students, our grading and promotion module can be fully customized to your satisfaction.

Finance Management

Billing and payment are the most import processes in school administration, schoolAdminPlus is design to maximize your profits and ensuring sustainability.

Secure Communication

With SchoolAdminPlus administrators and teachers can communicate freely and securely with parents using our SMS alert system.

Attendance Monitoring

Student attendance is very important to parent and guardian, SchoolAdminPlus monitors student attendance throughout the academic year.

SMS Notification

You can reach all your students, parents and staff with our SMS alert system, you can send meeting reminders, tuition balance, resumption date, emergency circumstances etc.

Staff Management

Administrators can manage both their teaching and non-teaching staff through SchoolAdminPlus. You can assign task, project, class etc. and also monitor their progress during the assignment period.

Student & Parent Portal

SchoolAdminPlus highly encourages parent active participation in their children’s academics; we do so by creating a separate portal for parents to monitor their kids activities.

Core Modules

  •   Student Admission
  •   Advanced Reporting
  •   Invoice Generation and Payment
  •   Internal Messaging System
  •   Finance( Income/ expences)
  •   Student Attendance
  •   Staff Management
  •   Student Information
  •   Student Promotion and Graduation
  •   Online Payment System
  •   SMS student result to parent
  •   Report Card Customization
  •   Student/Parent Login
  •   Unlimited SMS alert to parents
  •   Arrival And Departure Alert to Parent

About Us

SchoolAdminPlus is a highly secured real time private and dedicated school administrative portal that securely keeps all record of staff and students. Student’s profile,contact addresses, parent e-mail addresses and many other data can be stored and retrieved at a click of a button.

SchoolAdminPlus is design to increase the efficiency of both teachers and school administrators by simplifying their work and increase Parents-Teachers and Teachers-Administrators communication with ease. The application is an online version of the SMS (School Management System) where the parent can even check the results of their wards with ease at the comfort of their office or home.

The database is being managed by our team of expert. So in doing this, you do not need to employ an expert to help you manage or service your database or setting up an ICT department before you could operate it. All you need do is to show interest, we register your school and we give you your login information (username/password/school code). With this you can go on to create an account for your staff and assign them with certain privileges

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20,000 /TERM


  • Free Setup
  • Unlimited SMS alerts
  • FREE training for staff
  • 24x7 support

Please contact us for a quote if you have more than 50 students. Act NOW!

Partner Program

SchoolAdminPlus partner program is open to everyone, no marketing experience needed and no registration fee to enroll. Partners get rewarded when they get schools onboard and we established a relationship with the prospective client (nursery, primary or secondary schools). Our sales staff perform all demo and training if requested by the school.

Partner benefits includes;

  • Earn ₦100/student on very school you introduce
  • Earn additional 5% if the school has more than 3000 students
  • We can create a partner web page to showcase the product
  • Tips, tricks, and tools from us on how to sell more of the product and generate more money and commission

Partner Program FAQ

Want to learn more about our partner program? Here are answers to the questions we hear most commonly from new and prospective partners.

  1. What is a partner program?
    SchoolAdminPlus partner program connect schools and SchoolAdminPlus together for some benefit, when connected schools sign-up for SchoolAdminPlus the partners get paid.

  2. How do I sign-up?
    To sign up for our program, you must read and agree to our operating agreement and fill out our application form. We will review your application and if accepted, you will receive an email containing the benefit package and you partner identification number.

  3. Why should I sign-up for SchoolAdminPlus partner program?
    If you need some extra cash with less work, SchoolAdminPlus is right for you, all you need to do is to create a connection between SchoolAdminPlus to any school around you and we take it from there. We basically pay for connecting us.

  4. What do I get for connecting a school?
    Partners get ₦100/student on every school and 5% extra commission on school with 3000 or more students. Partners get paid as soon as their school sign-up for the service and signed the contract.

  5. Is there any cost to become a partner?
    No. It’s free to join.

  6. Where can get more information on the application or the partner program?
    You can learn more on the application by visiting our website to read more on the application and you can as well visit our office in Lagos or call one of their contact number to speak with one of our representatives.

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